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BrainX Community Live! February 2024: Evaluating Generative AI models in Healthcare

Featuring Drs. Cyril Zakka, Raghav Awasthi & Shreya Mishra

20 February, 2024

BrainX Community Live! January 2024: CIO Panel on Implementing AI in Healthcare

Featured panelists: Sarah Hatchett, Michael Pfeffer, Ashish Atreja. Moderated by Edward W. Marx.

09 January, 2024

BrainX Community Live! December 2023. Large language model-based approach for clinical prediction – NYUtron

Speakers: Lavender Jiang, Aokun Chen, Raghav Awasthi, Piyush Mathur

12 December, 2023

BrainX Community Live! November 2023: Women in Healthcare AI

Moderated by Jennifer Owens and featuring Drs. Pallavi Tiwari, Shreya Mishra, Lama Nazer & Reem Khatib.

16 November, 2023

BrainX Community Live! October 2023: Deep learning for eye disease and plastic surgery

Speakers:Drs. Hasan Cetin & Berk Baris Ozmen.

31 October, 2023

BrainX Community Live! September 2023: Gatortron – Large language models for Electronic Health Record

Featured Speaker: Aokun Chen,PhD.

28 September, 2023

BrainX Community Live! August 2023: Ethical application of AI in healthcare with recommendations for bias mitigation.

Speakers: Leo Anthony Celi, Shreya Mishra & Lama Nazer.

23 August, 2023

BrainX Community Live! June – July 2023: AI for Critical Care

Featuring ESICM 2023 Datathon winning team: Anirban Bhattacharyya, Arif Canakoglu, Markos Kashiouris, Anya Mathur, Piyush Mathur, Ronit Nath, Jacob Vine, Ken Koon Wong, ChaoPing Wu


24 July, 2023

BrainX Community Live! May 2023: AI applications in Pathology

Speakers: Drs. Hooman H. Rashidi & Rama Gullapalli

31 May, 2023