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BrainX Community Live! Spring 2024 event: 2023 Year in Review and VALID AI

Speakers: Dr.Shreya Mishra, Dennis Chornenky, Dr. Ashish Atreja

22 April, 2024

Watch the video of this event on our YouTube channel.


Raghav Awasthi


Raghav is the co-lead for BrainXAI ReSearch and a postdoc scholar at Case Western Research University,USA. He completed his Ph.D. from IIIT-D working on AI in Healthcare. Prior to joining this institute, he completed Masters in Mathematics from IIT Kanpur where he was the rank opener for the batch.He also outperformed in CSIR-JRF which approved his funding for Ph.D. His Ph.D. thesis is currently focused on Causal Machine Learning and Reinforcement Learning in Healthcare. His focus is to build data-driven decision support that is explainable and effectively deployable.He is highly motivated to explore the applications of Mathematics in Healthcare.

Shreya Mishra


Shreya is the co-lead for BrainXAI ReSearch and a postdoc research scholar at the Cleveland Clinic after completing Ph.D. at the Centre for Computational Biology, IIIT Delhi, India in the area of Data mining and algorithm development in genomics. Her research is focused on developing algorithms for Big Data Mining with Graph Analytics for Genomics data including various omics datasets. She is keen to develop time and space-efficient algorithms to reduce the computational complexity of omics data.

Dennis Chornenky


Dennis is the CEO of Domelabs AI, an AI advisory and technology company serving the healthcare and national security sectors. He is also the Chief AI Advisor at UC Davis Health and the Founding Director of VALID AI. He has held senior roles at the White House, Morgan Stanley, and UnitedHealth Group. He holds degrees from UC Berkeley, Oxford, Harvard, and MIT.

Ashish Atreja


As CIO and Chief Digital Health Officer, Dr. Atreja, oversees IT, digital health and AI portfolios, bridging the gap between IT, academia, research, and innovation as “Digital Davis” becomes a global hub for digital health. Dr. Atreja has received formal training in public health and is board certified in gastroenterology, clinical informatics, and internal medicine. He launched the first digital health formulary in the health system and is often referred to as the "the App Doctor". As an intrapreneur, Dr. Atreja has won innovation awards at Cleveland Clinic and Mount Sinai, successfully licensed technologies from academic centers and advises startups, accelerators and Fortune 500 companies in digital medicine. Dr. Atreja served as scientific founder for Mount Sinai Spinoff, Rx.Health thats acquired by Commure. Dr Atreja coined the term "evidence-based digital medicine and launched non-profit Association of Digital Medicine (NODE.Health) in 2018 and Gen AI Collective, VALID AI in 2023. Dr. Atreja has received consecutive funding through NIH for the last 10 years and has published more than 96 papers in GI, digital health and AI. He was selected among Top 40 HealthCare Transformation People in 2017 and Top 50 Future Healthcare leaders by HIMSS in 2020.

Program Description:

– Introduction


– “AI in healthcare: 2023 Year in Review” by  BrainX ReSearch team


– “VALID AI:Execution Accelerator For Generative AI In Healthcare” by  Dennis Chornenky, Dr. Ashish Atreja


– Q&A

Related publication: Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare: 2023 Year in Review.