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BrainX Community Live! June 2021: Serendipity in the Art of Healthcare Innovation

Featuring Francis A. Papay MD

29 June, 2021

BrainX Community Live! May 2021:  Research and Application of Artificial Intelligence in Cardiology

Featuring Avirup Guha, MD, RPVL, FACC; Vardhmaan Jain,MD; Sadeer Al-Kindi MD, FACC; Jacek B. Cywinski, MD, FASA.

12 May, 2021

BrainX Community Live! April 2021: Advances in Artificial Intelligence and Gastroenterology

Featuring Gursimran S Kochhar, MD;Prateek Sharma, MD; Curren Katz;Seth Gross, MD

14 April, 2021

BrainX Community Live! March 2021: Research and Application of Artificial Intelligence in Psychiatry and Behavioral Health

Featuring Donald A.Malone Jr., M.D.; Amit Anand, MD;Nelson M.  Handal, MD,DFAPA

31 March, 2021

BrainX Community Live! February 2021: Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare – 2020 Year in Review

Featuring Piyush Mathur MD,FCCM,FASA

10 February, 2021

BrainX Community Live! January 2021: Strategies for research, development and implementation of Artificial Intelligence in healthcare

Featuring Dr.Francis A. Papay, Prof. Vipin Chaudhary and Doug Meil.

28 January, 2021

December 2020: AI in healthcare – India

BrainX Community Live Event

20 December, 2020

November 2020: Implementation of Artificial Intelligence in clinical workflows

Featuring Vidur Mahajan, MBBS,MBA

18 November, 2020

August 2020: A model for individualized prediction of COVID positive test

Featuring Drs. Lara Jehi and Kamal Maheshwari.

15 August, 2020