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BrainX Community Live! December 2023. Large language model-based approach for clinical prediction – NYUtron

Speakers: Lavender Jiang, Aokun Chen, Raghav Awasthi, Piyush Mathur

12 December, 2023

Watch the video of this event on our YouTube channel.


Lavender Jiang

PhD student

Lavender Jiang is a third year Data Science PhD student at New York University, co-advised by Eric Oermann and Kyunhyun Cho. I work on clinical predictions using natural language processing as a medical fellow for NYU Langone Health. I am interested in representation learning.

Aokun Chen


Dr. Chen is an Assistant Scientist at Health Outcome and Biomedical Informatics at the University of Florida. He received his Ph.D. degree from the University of Florida in Computer Engineering on machine learning/deep learning systems. He is experienced in multiple cancer, diabetes, ADRD studies, and clinical natural language processing (NLP) & patient recruitment in clinical trials.

Raghav Awasthi


Raghav is currently a postdoc reearcher at Case Western Reserve University,Cleveland,Ohio and the lead for BrainXAI ReSearch. He completed his PhD from IIIT Delhi. working on AI in Healthcare. Prior to joining this institute, he completed Masters in Mathematics from IIT Kanpur where he was the rank opener for the batch.He also outperformed in CSIR-JRF which approved his funding for Ph.D. His Ph.D. thesis is currently focused on Causal Machine Learning and Reinforcement Learning in Healthcare. His focus is to build data-driven decision support that is explainable and effectively deployable.

Program description:

– Introduction

“Health system-scale language models are all-purpose prediction engines”: Lavender Jiang

РPanel discussion: Aokun Chen, Lavender  Jiang, Raghav Awasthi, Piyush Mathur

– Q & A