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BrainX Community Live! November 2022: AI applications in Perioperative Medicine

Featured Speakers: Michael Mathis,MD; Kayvan Najarian, PhD; Jonathan Gryak, PhD; Kamal Maheshwari, MD,MPH.

16 November, 2022

BrainX Community Live! October 2022: AI for Seizure Prediction and Extended Reality

Featured Speakers: Christopher R. Newey, DO, MS, MBA, FNCS; Moein Amin, MD; Joe Morgan, MD.

24 October, 2022

BrainX Community Live! August – September 2022 event: Open source healthcare datasets and analysis techniques.

Program Description:

– BrainX Community Introduction
– Open Source Healthcare Datasets: Piyush Mathur MD
– Analyze data using Orange, free stats packages based on R, SQL commands : Robert Hoyt MD

28 September, 2022

BrainX Community Live! July 2022: AI applications in Echocardiography

Featured Speakers: Avirup Guha, MD; Partho P Sengupta, MD; Christopher Troianos MD; David Ouyang MD

13 July, 2022

BrainX Community Live! June 2022: AI Applications in Critical Care & DECIDE – AI

Featured Speakers: Robert D Stevens MD, Shubhayu Bhattacharyay BS, Baptiste Vasey.

02 June, 2022

BrainX Community Live! May 2022: AI in Healthcare Research and Implementation Review



19 May, 2022

BrainX Community Live! April 2022: AI applications in Endocrinology

Johnson Thomas, MD, FACE & Chaitanya Mamillapalli, MD

27 April, 2022

BrainX Community Live! March 2022: Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare: 2021 Year in Review

We discuss our recently published review of over 4000+ articles from 2021 related to artificial intelligence in healthcare.

16 March, 2022

BrainX Community Live! February 2022: Artificial Intelligence and Robotics in Surgery.

Featuring: Dr. Axel Krieger, Dr. Hamed Saeidi, Justin D. Opfermann, Dr.Frank Papay, Dr. Carla Pugh & Dr. Daniel Hashimoto

23 February, 2022