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BrainX Community Live! February 2023 : GPT and Large Language Model applications in healthcare

By Elliot Bolton, Michihiro Yasunaga,Vivek Natarajan, Leo Anthony Celi, Shreya Mishra  & Raghav Awasthi

21 February, 2023

Watch the video of this event on our YouTube channel.


Elliot Bolton

Research Engineer with Stanford University CRFM

Elliot is a research engineer working on language models for Stanford CRFM. Currently he is working on a large scale, open source foundation model for biomedical NLP. For nearly a decade Elliot has helped build and maintain various open source Stanford projects including CoreNLP, Stanza, and Mistral.

Michihiro Yasunaga

CS PhD Student at Stanford University

Michihiro Yasunaga is a PhD student in Computer Science at Stanford University, advised by Percy Liang and Jure Leskovec. He works on natural language processing and machine learning, with a focus on developing language models with knowledge and reasoning abilities.

Leo Anthony Celi

Principal Research Scientist Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Leo Anthony Celi, MD, MPH, MSc. is Principal Research Scientist Massachusetts Institute of Technology Associate Professor (Part Time) Harvard Medical School. Leo focuses on scaling clinical research to be more inclusive through open access data and software, particularly for limited resource settings; identifying bias in the data to prevent them from being encrypted in models and algorithms; and redesigning research using the principles of team science and the hive learning strategy.

Raghav Awasthi

PhD scholar at IIIT,Delhi

Raghav is currently a Ph.D. scholar at IIIT-D working on AI in Healthcare. Prior to joining this institute, he completed Masters in Mathematics from IIT Kanpur where he was the rank opener for the batch.He also outperformed in CSIR-JRF which approved his funding for Ph.D. His Ph.D. thesis is currently focused on Causal Machine Learning and Reinforcement Learning in Healthcare. His focus is to build data-driven decision support that is explainable and effectively deployable.He is highly motivated to explore the applications of Mathematics in Healthcare.

Shreya Mishra

PhD scholar at IIIT,Delhi

Shreya is a PhD scholar at the Centre for Computational Biology, IIIT Delhi, India in the area of Data mining and algorithm development in genomics. Her research is focused on developing algorithms for Big Data Mining with Graph Analytics for Genomics data including various omics datasets. She is keen to develop time and space-efficient algorithms to reduce the computational complexity of omics data.

Vivek Natarajan

Research Scientist, Google AI

Vivek is an AI researcher in the Health AI team at Google working on using AI to scale world-class healthcare to everyone. Vivek is particularly interested in building large foundation models for biomedical applications and leads a Google Brain moonshot.More details can be found at

Program details

– Introduction: Shreya Mishra,Piyush Mathur

– Building Foundation Models For Biomedical NLP: Elliot Bolton & Michihiro Yasunaga, Stanford University

– Large Language Models Encode Clinical Knowledge: Vivek Natarajan

-Applying Natural Language Processing to healthcare: Raghav Awasthi,IIIT,Delhi

– Panel discussion: Leo Anthony Celi