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December 2018: Prediction of hypotension through arterial waveform analysis using machine learning algorithm

Featuring Feras Hatib, PhD and Bart Geerts MD

01 December, 2018

November 2018: Challenges with scaling and generalizing artificial intelligence(AI) applications in healthcare

Featuring Ghaith Habboub, MD

01 November, 2018

October 2018: AI based personalized prognostic models in cancer

Featuring Aziz Nazha MD

01 October, 2018

September 2018: Perioperative Intelligence

Featuring Kamal Maheshwari, MD

01 September, 2018

August 2018: Deep Learning for Medical Information Extraction

Featuring Pengtao Xie, PhD

01 August, 2018

July 2018: Machine Learning,Diagnosis and Augmented Point of Care Decisions

Featuring Dr.Art Papier

01 July, 2018

Inaugral May 2018: Can AI transform healthcare?

Inaugural session of BrainX Community Live!

01 May, 2018

June 2018: Machine Learning applications in Oncology and GastroIntestinal diseases