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July 2018: Machine Learning,Diagnosis and Augmented Point of Care Decisions

Featuring Dr.Art Papier

01 July, 2018


July event featured Dr.Art Papier,who presented his 18 years experience in the field of diagnosis accuracy and use of visual diagnosis with the aid of machine learning to improve outcomes and decrease cost.

He showcased existing technology that his team has built which can be integrated into various workflows to aid decision making.

The talk was followed by a great discussion amongst engaged community members on various topics such as data access, patient privacy,regulatory/legal  issues,technological challenges and clinician adoption amongst others.

Link to Dr. Art Papier’s July 2018 BrainX Community session video is attached below.

Note:It opens with Internet Explorer browser only.

A commentary by Dr. Papier recently published in the American Journal of Medicine July issue.

Link to 1971 Larry Weed Internal Medicine Grand Rounds at Emory as discussed by Dr.Papier’s during his presentation.

“It’s incredible to see what Dr. Weed visioned 47 years ago, so much is relevant today……”

Learn more about CoreML, VisualDx.

Learn more about the Visual Dx through the link below: