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December 2020: AI in healthcare – India

BrainX Community Live Event

20 December, 2020

Watch the video of this event on our YouTube channel.


Piyush Mathur


Dr.Mathur is a Staff Anesthesiologist and Critical Care physician at Cleveland Clinic,Ohio with more than 20 years of clinician experience. He has also served in the role of the Quality Improvement Officer and chair, compliance committee, Anesthesiology Institute for the past 9 years.

A joint session of BrainX Community Live hosted for AI in healthcare India group in partnership with The HCITExperts Blog.


1.Introduction by Dr.Piyush Mathur

2. Panel discussion on Paper vs EMR for application of AI in healthcare(Drs. Thanga,Gogia,Bhattacharya,Reddy),moderated by Manish Sharma.

3.Brain-Computer Interface presentation by Prof.Supten Sarbadhikari

4.Building Digital health records for healthcare presentation by Dr. Avinash Kumar Gupta

5.Concluding remarks by Dr.Sandeep Reddy.

AI in healthcare India group is an expert group from all sectors of healthcare, engineering and business focused on applications of AI in healthcare.

The HCITExperts Blog is a network of multi-disciplinary experts who share their expertise and experiences with the #DigitalHealth Startups in India.The HCITExperts Blog was voted as the top 100 Healthcare blogs in the world.