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BrainX Community Live! January 2022: Evaluating AI models in Healthcare

Featuring Dr. Joe Zhang, Saba Ansari & Ville-Petteri Mäkinen, PhD.

24 January, 2022

Watch the video of this event on our YouTube channel.


Joe Zhang

Senior fellow in Intensive Care medicine, Institute of Global Health Innovation, Imperial College London.Wellcome Trust clinical research fellow in health informatics and translational AI.

Ville-Petteri Mäkinen

Ville-Petteri Mäkinen's main focus is on the molecular determinants of human phenotypes and their significance to chronic morbidity such as dementia, obesity, diabetes and heart disease later in life. He holds an EMBL Australia Group Leader position in the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI) in Adelaide, and he is affiliated with the Australian Center for Precision Medicine at the University of South Australia and the Center of Life Course Health Research at the University of Oulu. In 2014, he was appointed to the prestigious EMBL Australia position at SAHMRI, where he is currently leading a cross-disciplinary research group that focuses on the translation of epidemiological results on age-associated diseases into wet lab hypotheses and vice versa.

Saba Ansari

Saba is a MRI Radiographer and Senior Lecturer in Medical Imaging, in the School of Medicine, Deakin University. She has extensive knowledge in the field of medical imaging gained in clinical and research environments. Saba is currently pursuing a PhD project is investigating a ‘Pathway to Artificial Intelligence Enabled Prostate Cancer Screening’.

Program details


This event focused on the work of the speakers on evaluation of AI in healthcare.Dr.Zhang showcased, the global clinical artificial intelligence dashboard, a state of the art NLP model based platform to monitor and explore the real-time state of AI research for human health.
Associate Professor Ville-Petteri Mäkinen & Senior Lecturer Saba Ansari discussed Translational Evaluation of Healthcare AI (TEHAI),Evaluation framework to guide implementation of AI systems into healthcare settings.


Event timeline:


– Opening remarks
– A real-time dashboard to track global clinical artificial intelligence research: Dr. Joe Zhang
– Machine learning in medicine: the TEHAI framework: Associate Professor Ville-Petteri Mäkinen & Senior Lecturer Saba Ansari
– Q&A